The Promise of Controlled Nuclear Fusion – Part 22

In the very first part of this series, just over 6 years ago, I introduced you to inventer/entrepreneur Andrea Rossi and his creation, the Energizer Catalyzer or E-Cat for short. Back then, I and most others expected that the E-Cat would soon be for sale and so provide a revolutionary alternative to both the older and the more recent energy technologies. Those would obviously include coal, oil and nuclear fission while the newer ones like wind and solar were set to receive a welcome new, complementary technology.

As a re-reading of all 21 essays, so far, in this series will remind us, it has not been plain sailing for Rossi and he has needed to overcome many technical, safety, reliability, intellectual property and legal problems along the way. Apart from this one and Ross’s official E-Cat website, progress reports and active commentary have been carried by a number of sites but, most notably, Frank Acland’s E-Cat World site, which I have often contributed to over the years.

However, we should all be pleased to know that Mr Rossi is now ready to present his latest version of the E-Cat, the Quark-X, in less than a week from now – at noon, Eastern Standard Time on Friday, November 24th, to a selection of V.I.P’s. These will apparently include representatives from top Fortune 100 companies, Noble Prize winners, scientists from around the world and US government officials. The event will also be viewable on an internet video from the E-Cat World YouTube site, either live or with a short delay, which is how I, for one, will be catching it.

I’ll be updating this post with any more significant details as they come to hand. Naturally, I’ll be reporting my own impressions but so, hopefully, will the scientific and the mainstream media. If it lives up to expectations, this event should finally put LENR back into the serious main-stream of science and technology and, more than that, start to make a serious contribution to the clean energy revolution.

P W Power

November 2017


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