The Promise of Controlled Nuclear Fusion – Part XIII

The new year is well underway and so is further progress in LENR! As you’ll likely have noticed by following the popular E-Cat World site, a number of key groups and researchers have either joined or re-joined this quest for safe, limitless, green energy.

In one devopment, Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project leader, Bob Greenyer, has visited Alexander Parkhomov in Russia. In a timely reality check, Parkhomov’s current test ended in an explosion! Luckily, no-one was hurt but, as with many other “failed” experiments, greater insights will likely result. Undaunted by this, Parkhomov and, it is now clear, hundreds of other Russian physicists or, at least, serious tinkers, have resumed the quest to replicate Rossi’s “Lugarno” results as many more times as it may take to confirm LENR to a still-skeptical world.

Even so, I should repeat the same warning that many others have also sounded – that the chemicals and the temperatures are dangerous and the possible nuclear by-products are not yet fully explored. Any and all future LENR experimentation should be done in safely designed laboratory conditions.

Another possible game-changing development is that the European aerospace giant, Airbus, has filed for a LENR-related patent. The original was in German and was submitted in September 2013 but it escaped the attention of all LENR watchers until now. It’s belated discovery prompted an immediate discussion as to whether it is merely a placeholder for later retrofitting to a working system or whether it is the first visible sign that Airbus are already seriously on the way to a LENR generator that could produce the huge and reliable power requirements that aviation would demand. What it certainly confirms is that LENR is a no longer a secret to mainstream industry.

However, LENR still seems to be a “secret” to the academic aristocracy! None of the aging Physics “rock stars”, who will shortly be resuming their “super-symmetry concerts” at the LHC, have yet shown any desire to come down from the addictive “highs” that the world’s most expensive toy again promises to provide. Nor are they likely to cancel any future “hot fusion love-ins” that history’s most expensive project – ITER and its ancestors – has continuously promised for 20 years in the future at the end of every year for the last 60!

However, we long enduring “LENR peasants” may yet see the “Physics Bastille” fall, partly because of the above-noted wave of “Rossi replications” and the increasing commitment of major corporations like Airbus but also because definite progress on the theoretical side of LENR is unfolding in strength.

As one example, I draw your attention to another recent article in E-Cat World. The author prefers to be anonymous for now but is clearly a serious researcher into the emerging fields of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and Emergence itself. In that and other articles in ECW, you’ll also see that I am contributing questions and comments of my own. So should you and/or to this site as well. In fact, I see that there are now nearly 5000 subscribers to Think Tank Report, so there is no excuse!

Finally this time, note that both the expermentation and the theories constantly evolving around them will be presented and discussed in ICCF19 – the 19th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science in Padua, Italy, April 13-17th. Obviously, there have been 18 previous conferences on CMNS and LENR but I can’t help thinking that this one will finally be noticed by the main stream media. They may even declare 2015 the pivotal year for LENR. I, of course, declared 2014 to be the pivotal year and, with what we know now, Airbus might be justified in claiming 2013 as the year in which LENR really got “serious”!

See you next time and, meanwhile, keep on monitoring ECW, Cold Fusion NowInfinite Energy and all the other LENR sites I’ve recently cited.

P W Power

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